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OPLYSIS® – The award-winning software for calculating your manufacturing costs with intuitive drag & drop operation.

The fast and reliable evaluation of manufacturing costs and production capacities is essential to increase your competitiveness. With our job costing software you have the ideal tool to calculate manufacturing costs quickly and reliably. OPLYSIS supports your production planning with process chain analysis and optimization independent of product, process and company size for more cost transparency and efficiency. The user-friendly drag & drop interface of OPLYSIS allows you to intuitively model process chains so you can calculate your manufacturing costs in no time. OPLYSIS provides simple and meaningful analysis tools for production planning and cost calculation.

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Job Costing Software OPLYSIS – for faster and better cost calculation

Within minutes you can model and analyze process chains with OPLYSIS and make better decisions faster in product development, production planning, costing and quotation as well as in sales and procurement. Examine your current production including manufacturing costs with the help of numerous analysis functions; flexibly changeable and viewable at any time and independent of the complexity of the process.

Simulate alternative production scenarios by varying individual process components or resources within seconds and thus evaluate, for example, the impact of new investments on manufacturing costs.

Standardize your costing methods and keep your team up-to-date by storing your process chain modeling externally on corporate storage media or internally shared databases.

OPLYSIS® offers you the following advantages:

  • Simplicity and flexibility in process modeling
  • Speed in process modeling/adjustment and cost calculation
  • Transparency of costs and times in complex process chains
  • Automated identification of cost and time drivers (integrated sensitivity analysis) and effects of production scale-up (integrated scale-up analysis)